The surgery door is open:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7.20am - 6.00pm
Wednesday as above but closed from 1.00pm - 2.30pm

If you cannot keep your appointment please let us know. Over 30 appointments per week, which could have been allocated to other patients, are wasted due to non attendance.

During our opening hours, we provide a range of surgeries with different clinicians including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, midwives and health care assistants. We also run extended hours surgeries from 7.20am - 8.00am daily for doctors and thrice weekly for nurses.

Although we strive to make appointments accessible to our patients this is dictated by the daily demand for those appointments

In order to get an appointment with the most appropriate clinician, there are various things to think about. We would strongly recommend that you use these pages to use our services more efficiently.


Pre-bookable appointments with GP's are routinely available but these tend to be booked by patients up to two weeks in advance.

At least 60% of our appointments are available on the day thus allowing our patients daily access. These appointments ONLY become available after midnight each day. Patient can access these on line or by calling the surgery after 8.00am. Again these appointments can be filled quickly dependent upon daily demand.


All the GP's have a number of appointments specifically allocated for telephone consultations on a daily basis. If you wish to speak to the doctor please make a telephone appointment. Remember, the receptionists are trained to give out results and can advise on a number of non-medical issues e.g. self certification.


We have a number of appointments available for booking via the internet. If you want this service, please contact reception to arrange a password.


If you have a medically 'urgent' problem, and you consider that you need to be seen on the day, you will be seen. Alternatively, you may consider that your problem can be dealt with on the telephone and you will be able to make an appointment for a telephone consultation. We can also deal with your problem by triage call. This means the duty doctor will telephone you to discuss your problem. You may be given advice on how to self-treat your condition; a prescription might be arranged for you to collect either at the surgery or from the pharmacist in Dumfries or an appointment offered in an appropriate clinic. An urgent appointment with a doctor may also be offered.


REMEMBER Not all GP's work full time hours and take turns at "duty doctor" therefore will not have appointments available every day. The duty doctor can not deal with routine enquiries. If you wish a consultation with a named GP you may have to wait until they have availability or you can call back to try and obtain an on the day appointment.

You may find that advice and care would be more appropriately and conveniently provided by another provider or that you can manage the problem yourself using the self service section.