Out Of Hours

When the surgery is closed, you can seek telephone health advice and information from NHS 24 on 08454 24 24 24 or their web-site. They will also deal with serious and urgent medical problems by ensuring that you see or speak to a doctor if required. They will need the following details:

  • your telephone number
  • the nature of the problem
  • the patient's name and date of birth
  • the patient's address and the address from which you are phoning

Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary's Accident and Emergency department (A&E) is open 24 hours per day. You should only attend A&E if you/the person you are with is suffering

  • unconsciousness,
  • a suspected stroke,
  • heavy blood loss,
  • suspected broken bones,
  • a deep wound such as a stab wound,
  • a suspected heart attack,
  • difficulty in breathing,
  • severe burns,
  • a severe allergic reaction.

You should call an ambulance if

  • you think they may have hurt their back or neck, or have any other injury that may be made worse by moving them,
  • the person is in shock and needs your constant attention, or
  • the person has severe chest pain or difficulty breathing.

Most of the pharmacies are open on Saturday mornings and Boots in the High Street is open from 9am - 5pm every Saturday and from 12pm until 4pm on Sundays. The pharmacist can offer a number of services including

Any community pharmacist can in certain circumstances under the NHS provide you with a supply of your regular repeat medication. This is at the discretion of the pharmacist and should only be in one off situations. There are some medicines that the pharmacist is not allowed to supply and this service can not be used to obtain a supply of methadone or any other substitution therapy.