Doctors in Training

5th Year Medical Students
The practice works in partnership with Aberdeen University to provide 7 week training blocks for fifth year medical students. During this time they experience a wide overview of working in a general practice setting. With consent, they see patients in an extended consultation slot and are then joined by their GP mentor to allow review of their decision-making.

FY2 (Foundation Year 2) Doctors
The practice is a training practice and participates in the Foundation Year 2 (FY2) training scheme. This involves working with fully qualified doctors who have spent a year working in a hospital environment. They spend 4 months in general practice as part of their continuing development.

You may be asked for your permission for your consultation to be video-taped as part of their training and final exam. We would hope that you would be able to cooperate with them but if you do not wish to be video-taped your request will be respected and it will not change your treatment in any way.
Doctors Beaumont & Buchan are responsible for their training and supervision.

GP Retainers
The practice has also been approved by NHS Education for Scotland to participate in their Retainer Scheme. This involves providing mentorship support to a fully qualified General Practitioner who cannot commit to full-time employment, to enable them to maintain and develop their skills in general practice, until their circumstances allow them to take up a full-time post.